Everything has to do with our brain (Your mindset). Yes, your success depends on it. People talk about psychological trauma, emotional torture, fatigue, depression, stress and many more of brainy actions.

Having all the knowledge about this weakness, we still put ourselves under the slavery rules of such illness.

Do you know why?

Self-control and discipline have been a menace to mankind’s wellness, we deliberately do things anyhow ending up in causing hazards to our body and soul.

Sadly, conscience and intelligence have mixed up in the wrong way, the minds of people today hardly stay healthy and strong.

The perfection of intuition cannot be found anymore. Human judgment seems to be more inferior to that of animals. We have come a long way of the imperfect drought of our brain and if this issue stays untouched, nature will be cheated in a very bitter way.

In this post you’ll learn why your brain is not working effectively and why it’s stopping you from working efficiently.

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You eat too much junk foods

junk food eating

You wake up in the morning, having more time to spend in the house before taking on the road to your workplace.

You feel like filling the belly with something good, so you went to the kitchen, broke 4 eggs into the small pot, you slice your salad with leaves and eventually start frying it.

You have a very soft and bumpy shortbread in the fridge, you took the bread-knife to make a way for the frying egg through the breast of the bread and then the next action was mixing the thick milk with the sugary milo-coffee with a large quantity of sugar in a hot water. There you are with your breakfast.

In fact, what we eat and how we eat can never be side-line in analyzing the way our brain works. Overcooked foods hinder metabolism, it causes serious blockages on how our digestive system works bringing other systems to a halt and as a result, we become weak and dull after consummation. Weak and dull body means; weak and dull brain.

Fried foods, on the other hand, invites all the energy of the digestive system, metabolism and anabolism actions become slow, more heat and frictions are being generated as the level of water in the body drops or even finishes completely.

Eventually, the system gets stuck making your brain to become weak resulting in headaches. This makes one to be less concentrated in all activities. You easily get tired and most anxiety and fatigue comes because of that.

In most cases, the eyes get stretched as a result of too much focus. The whole body gets affected and sometimes you feel like you are carrying 10 bags of cement on your head. Those who are into fried meat and eggs have their arteries and veins not functioning properly.

Their nerves are always in a wrong direction and in no circumstance will the brain render you the appropriate services with this condition.

You are always Dehydrated

dehydration, drink enough water

Water is arguably the most important source of energy, undoubtedly it is the most common natural resource and also is the cheapest of all what we consume yet it is the least of all what we consume during the day.

Many people take in soft drinks along when they are eating. In fact, ninety-nine percent of all the people over the world feel thirsty before taking in water, some people even forget to drink water during the day. Unless you get food to eat, you would never drink water.

You do that. Don’t you?

Everybody knows that over seventy percent of our body constitutes water but not energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, cola drinks and hot drinks but we have put them in place of water.

The blood needs water to flow well into our brain, water is needed to keep the body going all the time and this can only be achieved when the brain is fully hydrated. Your body is in a good shape only when each of the billions of nerves in the brain is activated and that can only be done by drinking more water.

At least 3.5lt each day. In the case of severe headaches, the majority of the fluid toxins from the selective reabsorption (an action of the kidney) are being sent back by the capillaries and other blood vessels, this will again involve in another cycle of circulation resulting in constipation which causes brain-ache.

We lose water in our system in so many ways yet we don’t replace them and the number one victim of dehydration is the brain. When you don’t have enough water in your body, your brain suffers a lot.

Now, take your time and drink some water, before you continue reading.

You have less control over your emotions

The best way to protect the brain externally is to stop giving it provoking thoughts. Another way is to feed it with only positive things and not thinking much about the negatives. Taking bad circumstances too personal (those who cry when watching tragedy movies) and lamenting on it.

This in a way looks irrelevant but sincerely, it takes most part of your brain energy more than what you can think of. Negative thoughts stretch and press your nerves to work unwillingly resulting in fear and anxiety.

Emotional people they say are people who have their brains not functioning the way it should be, it thinks about fearsome scenes which are unlikely to happen, imaginations which do not and will never come to existence, unsubstantiated worries and grief.

All these traumas hinder confidence, it makes one inferior and ordinary odd to the society, it brings your thoughts and the way you think in an all-round negative way feeling like not able to do anything.

You are always thinking about the bad side of humanity, society, nature and the universe as a whole. It’s never spiritual sometimes when one is not succeeding at most times, its how we manage and program our brain for it to work.

You harbor too many trash in your brain

You have used all your natural gigabyte in storing fantasy stories and movies, horror movies, zombie stories and mind-blowing music. Your mind feeds your intelligence on how you will please your unseen friends in social media with irrelevant pictures and videos.

You have more than 8hrs in a day booked for television programmes and cinema. You read conscience-weakening books and sometimes you act as such when you are alone. All these are our daily activities so when we encounter 3-4hrs serious business, we feel like being in hell.

When the brain is storing trashy items, we act trashy, non-serious, we always get out of the track, always out of contest. Those things normally excite the brain and always makes it on top of our nerves leading to impatient, dull and boring when we are not enticed, not-interesting and sometimes anxiety.

Such people are weak in mathematics and science. The more we harbor trash, the weaker our brain becomes.

Watching pornographic materials

“Alright goodbye guys, we shall meet tomorrow morning”

“When will you leave here”

“I just want to be alone”

“what did you see on my phone”

Hearing such ways often from someone does not always imply the positive way, in a negative way, it more specifically that the person has been enslaved by the powers of porn.

Its so pity but the little said about this the better!

Being into porn does all harm to your brain. You will never be in yourself.



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