It is very nice to keep good eating habit, especially when you are in Africa. Ghana has a lot of foods which when attention is being paid to, will make hundreds of medical doctors useless.

Hypertension is when your blood vessels; arteries and veins get blockages and impede the free flow of blood in and out of the heart.

It is a very deadly disorder which gives a lot of problems to the heart and brain.

Those having what we call Blood Pressure (BP) are by default having hypertension.

We are briefly going to analyze the content of certain foods, which makes them capable of standing as enemies to your hypertension.

1. Bankye ampesi and kontomire stew

This food, to the good people if Ghana is meant for those in the villages and remote areas, but whether you like or not, it can cure your hypertension.

Cassava, as we all know, contains starch, it is very rich in iron which aid in the action of haemoglobin (red blood cells) in the body.

When iron comes together with green leaves, it turns to be an agent of enzymes, which speeds up chemical reactions rapidly especially reactions involving facts.

The green leaf of cocoyam (kontomire) is a very good booster of lipase (the enzymes responsible for converting fats to fatty acids) this will put all fats that have blocked the passages of arteries and veins in the diluting process, which later can be dissolved by regular exercise.

In preparing such food. Cook the cassava not for long, grind your well-cooked kontomire with more onion and garlic then add one tablespoon of palm oil.

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Fats are very good in building blocks in arteries and veins.

Cassava plus kontomire can eliminate that.

2. Cooked plantain and beduru stew

Turkey Berries, known locally as Beduru are very small green vegetables which contain millions well-packed iron. It is a number one blood tonic among the vegetables grown in Ghana. Plantain elsewhere has more free radicals of iron in them.

It supports chemical reactions, especially in the preparations of new red blood cells. When these foods come together, they supply the body with a giant number of red blood cells which are capable of speeding up any reaction which will fight against blockages in the arteries and veins.

The blood which will be produced by the beduru, will supersede the existing weak blood cells. With the addition of garlic and onion. These two foods in any condition will eliminate hypertension.

3. Cooked cocoyam and some green vegetables

Green vegetables like, kontomire, beduru and green garden eggs are very essential in the production of blood and dissolution of fats.

Cooked cocoyam is rich in calcium and iron which aids the bone marrow in producing red blood cells. The two will come together to blend with garlic and onion to destroy all settled and fats in the arteries and the veins.

4. Cooked plantain and raw prekese soup

This food is very easier in preparation. Raw prekese soup is just adding garlic, and black pepper, you add more water then you boil it at any temperature.

Your cooked plantain will be ready in a few time and there you go.

Use this for stroke, diabetes and cancer patients too.

5. Fufu and palm nut soup

The combination of plantain and cassava in the fufu is very fantastic. Try to minimize the duration of the cooking, especially in the presence of plantain.

Add more prekese and beduru to the palm nut soup, with many garlic and onion, try to add them later when the soup is about to be cooked then avoid all fats and oils foods like meat.

Eat this at a very conducive time, then do regular exercise. There will be no blockages in your arteries and veins.

Stroke patients can benefit from these foods too.