There is an abiding principle that should form the foundation of our lives as we traverse the years upon planet earth.

And here it is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

And here is my expansion and application of that powerful principle…

1. Show respect.

2. Keep your word.

3. Pursue excellence in all that you do.

4. Take the time to listen.

5. Be a giver more than a receiver.

6. Think the best of others.

7. Encourage others to become the best they can possibly become.

8. Offer a timely and encouraging word.

9. Say sorry.

10. Smile first.

11. Remember a name.

12. Lend a hand.

13. Give in secret.

14. Let others do the job of ‘blowing your trumpet’.

15. Hug often.

16. Be there.

17. Spend quality time.

18. Practice exhortation.

19. Be kind.

20. Write the random love note.

21. Give the unexpected gift.

22. Return the vehicle with the fuel tank full.

23. Go the extra mile.

24. Pay someone else’s bill.

25. Say please and thank you.

26. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

27. Lift up in preference to pulling down.

28. Overlook faults.

29. Say nothing when withheld words represent wisdom.

30. Speak up when spoken words are necessitated.

31. Correct in private.

32. Applaud in public.

33. Hold the hand of another when words fail.

34. Stop trying to fix everybody.

35. Be the student, even though you may be the teacher.

36. Walk in humility.

37. Live in serenity.

38. Appreciate the simple.

39. Express gratitude.

40. Live in a state of thankfulness.

So do as you would want to be done, and that way you will live a fulfilled life that is built upon these forty essential things on a consistent basis before you leave planet earth.

And what you have left behind in the lives of others will be carried on for the generations to come.