I’ve picked up a considerable line of thought whilst Watching the grand royal wedding between the Prince and the “Princess” that is worth your time; kindly permit me to quickly share this with you.

Failed relationships as opportunities to better one’s self; not a reason to relent

First and Foremost, their union is enough reason to affirm the assertion that: “some relationships you involve in are mere classrooms to study and prepare one’s self for what is really worthy”.

Their union could equally be enough reason to play the hope game with a belief that, an attempt at or a flop in a relationship should not be a reason to relent or engage in any self-revulsive mannerism and blame game that will end up killing you unnecessarily.

Come with me!

Both the bride and the groom had an amazing relationship history which isn’t that different from an average person’s relationship; the bride, an American actress, fashion model and spokesmodel, was a divorcee.

She dated a Film producer, Trevor Engelson for six years (2004-2010) before finally getting engaged and married in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Their marriage life only lasted for 2 years and they got divorced in August 2013; whatever led to the divorce is not of concern to this context.

The groom, Prince Harry, a member of the British royal family and the sixth in the line of succession to the British throne wasn’t a saint (relationship wise); he was equally locked in a seven-year (2004-2011) relationship with an African lady (Zimbabwean to be specific), Chelsy Davy whom he later broke-up with reasons best known to them.

Now, here is my point; they both had people in their lives they could donate their kidneys to and swallow grenades for; people their everything seems to revolve around; those that they actually desired to end life with but things didn’t fall into expectation.

They flopped big time but they’ve learned to moderate their fears and used the opportunity the numerous relationship failures presented them to learn from their mistakes, rebuild themselves and prepared for a day like this.

I believe the lesson exhumed by their relationship trajectory is a worthy one; if your relationship doesn’t work with one person, two or three in the extreme, pick the lessons, work on yourself, move into the future and locate your Prince or Princess as has been the case of these two we’re celebrating today.

Had they relent, there won’t be a cause for the whole world to pause and celebrate them today.

Second lesson: Break-up approaches and respective consequences

Prince Harry had two of his ex-girlfriends (Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy) at his wedding yesterday but there was no drama.

Not even when the Bishop (Michael Bruce Curry) declared the infamous “Speak now, or forever hold your peace” bigamy preventive statement.

This maturity I presume was a result of a good relationship between them after their break-ups.

Some People perceive separations as platforms to damage one another; some want to leave irreparable spoils to render their partners useless before they leave just to satisfy their huge egos or that bitter instinct.

In some cases, some do file suits in court and drag the case to an extent that exposes their partners to be reduced to pulp by poverty which they really think is the best retribution.

In the extreme, those who probably do not have the patience to utilize the service of religion, resort to deadly physical attacks by pulling guns, knives or even pour deadly chemicals or hot water on others.

In Ghana and Nigeria, some jilted ones go to the extent of using a relationship failure as an opportunity to combine Ogun, Antoa and Nogokpo gods to curse someone’s future spouse but, here is what they usually miss.

If everyone wants to go on a curse or damage spree, your future husband/wife would probably be crippled elsewhere by someone, simply because we all, in a way or the other had past relationships that may breed some sort of bitterness that warrants damages.

Moreover, I do not think Cressida and Chelsy could have merited the invitation and respect should they have caused so much damage, neither would the two have honored such invitation should the Prince treat them with detestable break-up experiences.

Bottom line is; we should just learn to nurture a “big heart” to forgive people no matter how bitter the encounter and experience, move on and leave the damages behind because we really don’t know what tomorrow holds for each of us.

Final lesson: the visionary power of 15 years old Meghan Markle and why you should be positive in life

I was checking through my feeds this morning and found a reportage by Dailymail with an image of 15-year-old Meghan Markle, posting for a picture in front of the Buckingham Palace.

I went further to check other major news outlets and it was confirmed that Markle was at the Palace in 1996 as a mere tourist during the European Summer Trip.

15 year old meghan markle at Buckingham Palace
15 year old Meghan Markle poses in front of Buckingham Palace. Image source: DailyMail

Fast-track 2018, 21 years down, she is the Princess of the same royalty she so much admires.

Simply put, her dreams just materialized but could that be termed a coincidence?

I don’t think so simply because of the big WHY and WHAT gaps? why not the other friend being the fortunate lamb? What was the eligibility criterion for the natural selection process that bypassed the other lady but picked Markle?

I believe the world is governed by energies with attached principles of optimism, hope, positivism, the inner zeal power, burning desire, and determination that scavenge for prospects.

The human brain, I believe is predisposed with the power to create its own realities; our obsessions (negative or positive) in simple terms determine what happens to us.
What you desire, aspire, hope or preoccupies your brain with is what happens to you.

If you “#THINK” you’ll either fail or be poor in life, you have no business blaming a family witch should the obvious occur.

You triggered it all by yourself.

Let’s learn to attract more positive energies, relegate the negative ones and create our own world; it certainly is possible with positivism my people. Just reprogram your thoughts and wait for the drama.

Richard Kwame Krah is a graduate of the University Of Ghana. he is an opinion columnist and a dedicated blogger who loves to use his writing skill and creative ideas to motivate and empower others. He doubles as a staunch advocate for READING and an activist who shares prolific thoughts on other issues of concern with particular regards to politics, religion and general social issues with an aim to educate the masses.