Ghanaians today are fathers and mothers of excuses, inventors of procrastination and habitual quick money seekers, yet we want to be rich, we want to be financially free, we want a good standard of living.

We are mediocre hardworking people, our foresight is too low to act smart, we just do things the way we want and don’t seek for better results.

We sometimes joke about certain things (most adverts you hear/watch on TV or radio are all comedy), we are not serious, we don’t concentrate and always playing blame games. We just can’t strive for excellence.

If you want success in the country and you are still in the following attitudes, then I think you will wait for us at the back gate.

Stop taking selfies

You can’t stop that right? Count yourself among those who are not serious in life, why should you put your life beauty into phone camera.

Your focus, your time and concentration are not just in what you are doing, you are thinking about how you will pose to look good on the phone.

It’s stealing your time and imagination.

Stop complaining about your leaders

They are not your destiny holders, they are not there to serve you, they don’t hold your dream, they are not your goal achievers, and they are not your life. They simply don’t know you.

Why should you waste energy and time complaining bitterly about certain leaders, oh ok.. you are relying on their promises? Can’t you make the life for yourself? They were elected to be served not to serve you..Yea right, that’s how it is in Ghana.

Think about it…our leaders used to complain about their leaders then. Have they changed anything ever since they were given the opportunity to lead? So then stop complaining and work hard to thrive in your small field.

Just give them a break, they’ve got a bunch of business and several people to take care of.

Stop watching porn

Nobody sees you right? You are just killing your spirit and soul. Watching porn is more like you are ill in the mind, it makes you a professional slave to imagination and lust, you are still a baby, and you can’t grow.

There are three porn sites ranked among the fifty most visited sites in Ghana, on these sites, Ghanaians spend an average of 12mins and open eight pages on average. This is a fact…check it out Here.

What good has this viral fact rendered to our system? Or you don’t know we are just planting ourselves to death in success?

No focus, no good imagination, no concentration, no brain stamina. If you are into this, you simply don’t think rational.

Stop wasting your money

You have just branded yourself to be Samsung, Apple and Techno customer, you buy any latest phone they drop, and it’s just a waste of money. Have you sat down to calculate that MTN and or card you have been buying?

The price of the cards combine can start a business. Always buying liabilities and selling out asserts.

Always into luxuries, things that fade away so easily, so you are an investor of trash materials.

Throwing money away here and there.

Stop quitting

You don’t want to take the risk and you want to be rich? You fear failure and you want to succeed? If your answer is yes. Then we shall meet another time.

If you don’t quit then I think you will have no problem with your life being in a mess. Don’t quit.

If not today, maybe tomorrow. Just keep trying. Study the life of the successful men/women, they never quit.

swiftfoxx quoteStop being selfish

Ghanaians don’t want to pair with others to run a business, they rather want to do it on their own so they can be proud of themselves. We are simply greedy people with a disgusting attitude towards business initiation.

We have been talking about big the companies and reputable firms, they didn’t do such oblivious acts.

Plan with a friend, a colleague or even your partner, co-operation is more keen in terms of making business.

The strengths of your ideas are with somebody. Just open up.

Stop gossiping

The more you gossip, the more you think you are not like that, the more you stop thinking about yourself, the more fail to plan for yourself, the more you become lazy and useless. There will be no meaning in your life.

You’re always talking about people. Put a stop to it. Let people talk about you.

Stop watching TV

I am talking about when a remote control your time every day, always looking for programs, always making a date with unnecessary series and shows on the television….Telenovela.

And you are still complaining there are no job opportunities or no money in the system?

Those managers you’ve written application letters to aren’t TV watchers, they are serious-minded people who use their time for profitable things every day.

For the young or wannabe entrepreneurs, these 10 entrepreneurial movies should help you climb the ladder to success.

Stop sleeping during working hours

You are just jejune, are you sleeping at work under this hot radiation era? Poor working attitude, these people always criticize the government for not providing good policies. You have been employed and it’s simply waste of time and money.

dangote quote

Stop over depending on others

It’s very important. You’ve got a lot of potentials, talents, and skills to work on for people to depend on you too. Don’t sit there as if you’ve got nothing to offer the society, don’t be a burden to the family of anybody.

You can take on to yourself, just seek aid from people to complete your task, don’t depend on them entirely.

You are a waste to the society if you are not offering anything beneficial.

Stop being too religious and spiritual

Maybe you’ve forgotten heavens help those who help themselves. Divine intervention, financial breakthrough, “I receive it, I condemn every principality holding my progress.

These are all good, but it will only work when you start something for yourself. There’re so many Bible verses or stories that proves that God blesses those who work hard.

The pastor is getting his source from your attending, where do you get yours?

Stop spending too much time on social media

Alright, this is a cool deal, just be looking for these kinds of things to be reading on social media other than those unnecessary posts or pictures and videos you have been uploading and downloading.

Folk you are making noise, people are doing business there, and you’re just being their product. Do profitable things whilst online. Make Google or YouTube your classroom. Check out these educative sites which help build your professional career.

Stop littering around

When Ghana becomes dirty, it will be dirty for those who make the dirt. You are just wasting your tax on fighting sanitation. You are giving mosquito coils and spray companies more money.

Malaria or Cholera drug manufacturers say thank you. Mosquitoes will congratulate you during the night.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Keep your surrounding clean. Be discipline.

Stop being the jack of all trades

One at a time bro, it is not easy. Focus and attention are difficult to be shared, you will be a short-wave business man, always on different tracks.

Just focus on one and apply positivism. It will work.

Don’t be greedy

Ghanaians today wants to be rich in two seconds, just a blink of an eye he/she just wants to make it to the highest level. This is the beginning of corruption.

By all ways and means” is what we say.

We can’t just allow others to get their share of what they deserve.

Stop being lazy

There are a lot of job opportunities around, but we Ghanaians are usually lazy towards work. In fact, our employers know this perfectly and feel reluctant in employing us.

Even our fellow Nigerian brothers say Ghanaians are timid people. Do you agree?

We’re the same lazy people who always complain there are no job opportunities. A lot of graduate are relaxing in their decks and sofas, watching series movies on their laptops and waiting for his/her contact on the ill application letter to be called. You are simply a lazy folk.

Unsolved problems are big opportunities for you. There’re a lot of them around us but, you don’t even know it.

strive masiyiwa quotesI think this country will be a better place if all such problems are being solved.

Don’t still say education is the key to success

Do you still here people (especially our parents) saying education (classroom) is the key to success? In our modern world, this trend has changed, new revolutions have manipulated the system.

Graduates are not the rich people in our system, serious and focused people are those who venture the territories of success.

Different views, different perspectives is what everyone should be adopted to.

The world we live in today needs smart thinkers.

Stop joining bad companies

You are obliged to pay dues to that keep fit club, wasting precious time being in the so-called parliament, what kind of laws do you make there? Dame laws, ludo laws, oware laws and unnecessary arguments. Serious task that can bring money will be also waiting for him.

Don’t play body games

Always on dating and relationship issues, talking about girls and guys. Is not normal, you’re just wasting your money and energy. If you are serious, you will find a serious partner who will also be serious with you.

Serious guys date or marry serious women.

Stop the addictions

Alcohol, smoking, weed, cocaine, marijuana and what have you.
You are just killing yourself in a nice way.
You are just spoiling your image for the better part of your enemies.
You are just disgracing yourself.
Don’t be a jerk.

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