We just don’t have to forget our kids, in other words, we shouldn’t forget our future pioneers. They are our future leaders. In this article, we are going to enumerate twenty things which must be checked in raising good brains and thinkers.

Too much television avoidance

It is the deadliest mistake to allow television to train up your child. When one is healthy, it must be physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual. We don’t give a child food, education, and money and say we are training or raising him.

A child is very sensitive, their minds as at that time is like a white paper, and there is nothing in it. The choice is yours to write something meaningful on it or it will be artificially photocopied from an unknown machine.

Is either the child will carry your handwriting, or he will have a printed kind of white paper.

I think is very easy to correct mistakes on your own handwriting than correcting it on a printed paper.

Teach the good eating habit

Your child should be disciplined in the way he should eat, you shouldn’t be always frying eggs for your kids, you shouldn’t be giving them food after 6:30 pm, you shouldn’t be cooking junk foods for them, you should allow them to eat food bit by bit, you have to teach them how to rotate food and water.

Subject their appetite to fruits, vegetables, and local recipes. Let your timing for eating be proper for your kids. Pull them away from creams, meats, manufactured drinks and hard drinks.

Do this to save money from doctors, do this to get a good minded child, do this to get a well-organized personality child.

Push them to school physical activities

Never take ecstasy in the fact that your child always isolates himself from all the school physical activity.

It’s your duty to push him into it, let your child grow with the habit of exercise. Encourage him to partake all school P.E stuff.

This helps your child to look healthy and strong always, it gives way to more talents to be explored, and it prompts you of an unknown temperament your child will be having.

Let them have adequate rest

Some parents are fond of raining a lot of work for their children when they are back from school.

When the brain is tired, all the physical body gets tired and you stress your child by giving him, extra work when he has closed from school.

The thirty-minute rest you will give to the child will not do you any harm.

Cultivate a wide range of interest for them

Don’t be forcing your child into books and education always, give him all the platforms where he can explore his talents, encourage him to join certain beneficial school groups like a music group, cadet, culture group, writers and debate clubs and other platforms where he can explore new talents in him.

Buy him other books apart from the one he has been using in school, there are a lot and different books that you can buy.

This will enlighten your child in so many aspects of disciplines, it will widen up your child’s ideas and thinking, making your child more productive.

At church too, you don’t just drive him to the house right after closing, the singing and Bible study groups are many, push your child into it, support him in all his doings, then he will take it from there.

Most of the children are suffering because their parent didn’t support them on different platforms where they wanted to explore their talents. Don’t harm your child in this way.

Set a good example

You are your child’s teacher, trainer and spiritual father. Naturally, he possesses your traits and certain characters. You are the master or mistress of that character.

Make sure your output will input accurate and good information into his memory.

Think positive with them

This is the building block of good mentality. Children, when at certain stage ask a lot of questions, get time with them to saturate their brain with positivism. Always let your child know, there is nothing impossible in this world.

Teach them spiritual values

Pragmatically, make your child build his/her own philosophy in religion. I don’t know your religion, but in general, you just have to teach your child the good values and norms of your religion.

Allow your child to be spiritually discipline.

Learn to listen

Most people can’t control themselves neither can they be controlled today because their parents didn’t listen to them. Some parents don’t get time to talk to their own children.

This exposes them to different streams of ideas, especially company with bad friends, you will realize your child will be behaving like an alien in your house.

Listen to them, sometimes they might sound indirect, but your maturity will push them to the main direction, where you can mount strategies to cater for that.

Listening to your child is one of the greatest bonds ever you will get with your child, he will be telling you whatever happens in his life, and you will know the kind of level your child has eventually reached.

It is a very powerful tool in training up a child.

Give them unconditional love

The moment you get a reason to stop giving your child’s money, that moment he gets a reason to stop listening to your advice. Don’t starve your children because they have committed a crime.

Never feel reluctant to pay their school fees because they are not performing. Never betray your child, don’t over-punish him.

Give them unconditional love.

Have a good attitude towards your kids

Some parents are fond of shouting on their children always with little mistakes. Insults and affronts on children stretch their anger on you always. When children realize some little indiscipline in you, they turn to be rebels in the house.

Their senses towards your directions will die, they will be masters and mistresses on their own, and they will turn against you and later blame you for any hazard that may come into their lives.

Maintain good attitude towards your own children, let them have the reason to live an exemplary life. Let your children know more about your good than bad.

Clearly explain boundaries and expectations

Let your children know the meaning of life from you. Prompt them the things people are expecting and will be expecting from them at each level or stage, sometimes, force them out from laziness and indiscipline acts in order for them to be accurately productive.

Always be on them to do the right thing.

Clear all ways for your children to know boundaries in life. This can be done in the form of story-telling and one-on-one conversations. It is your duty to tell your children what life is made up of.

Maintain consistent and united discipline

Don’t just teach your child how to treat elderly people, teach them the reason to treat them good. Let them know the reason why they should not eat in the night. Don’t just teach them, train them.

Remember a time will come where your child will not be with you. You should put measures in such a way that, he will observe all the disciplinary actions you thought him wherever he goes.

Some children burst up in the absence of his mother or father especially when they travel or when he himself get into the boarding house.

Is up to us the parent, that we should inculcate an intact discipline into our children so that in our presence or absence, they will not depart from it.

Teach their responsibility early

You must teach your male child, how to become a full responsible man, how to organize and manage things in life. Teach your male child how to be a good leader, how to marshal things and think more about how to generate ideas to foster life.

Let him know how to become a good husband, groom him to have a passion for women. Then when he grows, he will be able to know how to manage the family.

Your female child should be trained to become a woman of a substance, you should let her know how she is going to be submissive to her husband in future.

Let your female child know how to organize and manage home, how to treat children with passion and she can handle home affairs.

There is no responsibility bigger than this. Is simple and straightforward.

Have fun together

This is also one of the greatest bonds that exist between children and parents. Make it out with your children, you should be playing a lot of games with your children.

Let your kids feel all your senses. They will be emotionally healthy.

Don’t only educate them, train them

You just don’t have to teach your children, train them also.

Education will enlighten them, what will take them through is the training you will give to them. Attitude, habit, lifestyle and mental upheavals are all areas you must check on your children.

Let your children have good morals and virtues.

Spend time with them

If you don’t spend time with your children, never blame anybody when they go in opposite direction.

Your children are your friends, just as you spend time with your friends, the same you are to spend time with your children. Build an unbreakable relationship with your children.

Build their mentality

Help your children to be sticking to their decisions, you must teach them virtues before doing this. Let your children be more radical like what Muslim have been doing to their children.

Don’t expose your children to the dangers of this world’s ideas, let them know the chaff in all kinds of thinking.

Make sure, your child gets reasons for all his doings.

Guide their emotions and affections

If you don’t want your child to get into ruin, teach him a good and proper way of living a good relationship.

Their emotions are very fresh and healthy as at this stage, it gets harder and dangerous as it grows. Be his counselor, adviser, and guardian in all his emotional senses.

Teach him how to respond to joy and sorrow, let him know the right of affection, pull him out of all negative external influences.

Pray for them

And God will continue for you.