Ghana is one of the most hypocritical countries in the world. Mediocrity is our hallmark, we don’t and have never strived for excellence but always playing blame games. We have been putting ourselves in the abyss of poverty and hunger since we came into existence.

Very few people think one can succeed in a country like Ghana. The Europeans have fatally wounded our mindsets as they did to our forefathers. They have deliberately brutalized our understanding and have given us a counterfeit jurisdiction.

Our culture has been tainted, we possess a severally-filtered philosophy and now, we are the masters of antitypes and prototypes.

Ghana has been subjected to this decomposition since the so-called independence, we hold the ever-decaying subjects. The youth in Ghana still ask unnecessary questions, they sit on a golden sofa yet fight over the wooden chair, they have ill-hearted ambition and always ready to be corrupted by false theories. Most of them are misled. Ghanaians are ready not to face reality.

Success has its own meaning, it has its own constitution and conditions when you fail to study them, you end up being a graduated failure.

Ghana has had so many up and downs since the so-called independence. Most of our elders have been teaching us how to criticize and blame other people, they don’t teach us how to do that to ourselves and so whatever good or bad, is by the cause of somebody. For the religious leaders, I humbly rest my bitter case.

Let expose the hidden side of our failures, let’s analyze if there is any logic for one to say you can be successful in Ghana

Not undermining that small cedi

Ghanaians are too aggressive when it comes to execution and initiation. We expect something big before we do something small, we have learned a lot yet we apply few.

We have been looking up to the Barbarians (western world) for ideas yet we have not come to the realization that they fail to tell us the actual idea to start something.

If you are a student and you sacrifice GHC2 a day in that money box, how much will it be in the next 365days? If you doubt this, save the used credit cards you have used for 6months and calculate the amount.

Bring all the unnecessary buying of yours to calculation, that chilled drink you’ve been buying, those abated dresses, that girl whom you give ghc5 credit every day, the bundle you have been using on social media (not gaining anything profitable for it), your so-called girlfriend’s hair you have contracted to pay, the irrelevant chilling, the useless buying.

In fact, just sit down and check for your own self and imagine if all those money were to be saved for only 6 months. It’s nothing right? You will become a borrower in days to come.

This money can be used to start a small business, it can aid in stepping ahead, it can be the backbone of your success financially should that continue for long, it can be used for future investment, above all, it can be the moderator for the rest of your life.

The earlier we check this the better.

Making self-employment your priority

Another way most Ghanaians, especially the youth are getting it wrong is the hunt for a job even when they are in school. It is very hard to be a successful man/woman when you are an employee. You become an object of another person’s work and will always have your time managed by your boss.

No time for your family, no time to rest, no time for yourself, no time for your life, always making somebody’s work to prosper, building a reputation for people, making money for people, giving out your potential to aid another, always making him/her rich.

You might seem not to be poor, but trust me you will never get rich, you will always yawn for the month to end meaning you are controlled by days in the month.

Think about how you are going to employ yourself. Involving yourself in a very small business gives you a total charge in your life, all the money whether small or big comes into your pocket.

When you are self-employed, you develop big ideas on how to make money by your own self and for your own self and not for somebody.

Your ambition goes high, you always plan for something big, your mindset turns to business and when you set yourself a goal, it becomes unlimited and that will be your track.

There are many businesses in Ghana of which lazy Ghanaians can involve themselves yet we still traumatize on application letters and interviews which I think is not necessary.

The community view

Few Ghanaians think their community in which they live needs something or not. Almost every community in Ghana lacks a particular device or an item. It doesn’t take a magic to develop something as the white guys have been doing.

Undoubtedly, it is this same idea that has put the whites in the level they are today. We don’t plan, we don’t focus, no creativity, no dynamics and with such attitude, we shall always fail.

Just look around your area, vicinity, surrounding in the community in general, what do you think when introduced, the people would embrace and patronize? Is it a small device, what kind of food item do they lack, ask yourself; what do my community find difficult doing? What can I do to solve this problem?

Ideas don’t come by itself unless you set your mind up for it, formulating ideas doesn’t matter the level of your education. We are always looking upon the cities for greener pastures, but we have forgotten that we can do something for the community for it to become our own.

The city you are planning to go has poor people inside it. It isn’t about where you go, is about where you are and what you can do to make a change. Bill gate thought he was entering a mere code, Mark Zuckerberg thought he was doing project work and here they are.

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You will think you are doing just for the community, is later that you will realize that the whole country needs it, the whole continent needs it and the whole world needs it. Let start from the scratch.

Choosing Positivism over Negativism

Negativism is an African disease, it’s in our DNA and we feel proud of it. Pessimism has always been our emblem with impossibility being our flag.

If Thomas Edison had this attitude, the world would have been still dark in the night, if Marconi had this attitude, there wouldn’t have been radio, if the Wright brothers were having this attitude, there would be no airplane.

The question is, why always Africa? Why always Ghana. We have been so lazy in the sense that we have admitted that we can’t do anything, nothing seems to be possible for us. So when will we put a stop to this kind of mess? We can do it, let try.

When we remain optimistic, the impossible becomes possible, we set the mind to harbor ideas, we bring harmony to all thoughts, then we set momentum to a particular goal, hoping that by hook or crook, we shall achieve it.

That small business

Another way an industrious Ghanaian could find success is to engage him/her self fully in a business which will commence from the smaller stage. We normally underestimate the sale of petty-petty provisions, ice water, pastries, fruits, drinks and others.

Those who engage themselves in it do not pay much attention to it as they think it will not fetch them anything huge. They have been branded for being poor and useless just because they are into small business.

However, it is these same businesses of which some of them uses to take care of the whole levels of education of their children. The serious ones are able to put on a house through it, some even extend it to different and higher level of business yet a graduate will join a shameful association with the reason that, there is no job.

If the estimated 300,000 graduates which the tertiary produce every year are all able to start a small business, what do we think the country is going to be in next 10 years? What message will it send to those upcoming students? What will be the trend?

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Drinking in the cup of perseverance

Without perseverance, one could turn to be mediocre. It is very important to all Ghanaians that this attitude should be adopted in all our doings.

If you make up your mind, strive hard, beat all obstacles, stand steadfastly, don’t be discouraged, forget about the omen that nobody has ever succeeded in your family, you can do it, go and get it, it has been done before so persevere.

Never listen to friends, never listen to family, engage in with the positive ones, be sure of yourself, give yourself goodwill wishes, nothing is impossible so just make up your mind that, you going to achieve it.

If you use to sell a box of P.K a day, go higher by selling two tomorrow, make sure you sell three the next day, set a goal that selling of P.K can never be your limit, the selling of fan ice can never be your limit, the selling of handkerchiefs can never be your limit, the selling of credit cards can never be your limit.

Put yourself into better imaginations, put yourself into a successful man/woman then set yourself ablaze for it. For perseverance will take you on. Believing in all the omen in your family will never take you on. Let’s drink in the cup of perseverance.

Always being in a step ahead

In Africa, there are more downs than ups, everything must be done in an extraordinary way. If it must be done, it must be done not only well but very well.

If you are mandated to work for two hours, go a step ahead to do four hours, if you are to sell 2 bags of water, go a step ahead to sell three. Always maintain this momentum and focus.

It some of these attitudes that most of us are lacking, that is making us not to progress. Try a step ahead, then see the difference, try a step ahead and see the uniqueness your output will be.

Taking the hardest risk

The mentality of Africans is a dangerous tool for progress. If you find an antidote to it means you have found a way to success. Risk taking is inevitable to any kind of task but what really works is the hardest one.

Many people fear the circumstances failure will bring but is this same circumstance which will summon your positive and negative thought in harmony for you to take one more step.

The hardest risk is;

  • when you stop working in the bank to sell mobile phones.
  • when you stop schooling to do your project which you think will fetch you money more than the schooling (like what Bill Gate did).
  • when you choose business over education.
  • when you put your first-class degree in your bag to learn fashion in a blue kiosk.
  • when you stop learning those irrelevant subjects to concentrate on what will do best, not caring whether you get “F”.

It sounds weird, but trust me, the world has its own rules and regulation, not what you think must be, but what you will make it be.

Seek the relevant education

You going to do General Arts because you think its easy, you going to do science to become a medical doctor because you think they receive a huge salary, you going to do business because you think becoming a business administrator will solve all financial woes.

In fact, this issue is very bitter and pity.

Eighty percent of students in Ghana go to the university just because he/she thinks when you are done, you will get a good job (that’s a big lie).

More than sixty percent of the courses in our universities are not relevant, people study it for studying sake.

The most annoying part of this issue is that the number one sector which holds more than half of the country’s development has been inferior to all our education levels.

How do we recognize Agric student in our various High Schools let alone tertiary level. We are just joking in this country, but I will come out with an in-depth analysis for this.

You are in a rural area, your father owns a large hector of fertile lands that can accommodate all kinds of crops, by God’s grace you are done with Junior High school, then you sit your gut to say you want to be a lawyer because they receive huge money.

Mad people everywhere, you see them walking over the streets, traumas everywhere, broken-hearts and mental diseases everywhere and still you want to be a psychologist.

Your father owns a very big oil company, and yet, you want to be bank manager with the reason that you see them with big cars.

One could dispute these facts, as being normal but the idea behind these is that we have all get it wrong with the reason of acquiring knowledge and education. If you want to educate yourself, make sure it suits what within your territory.

The black color job is better than the white color job

If a white man wears a suit, is because he wants to be free from cold but if a black man wears a suit it means he has seen the white man wearing it. (never say is an official wear).

We can never do better on anything that came out of our knowledge, meaning anything a white man brings, he brings it for a purpose, to complete a certain task but we will change our system to suit theirs so to do what they are doing.

If a person sits in the office, he is rich, if another person goes to the farm, he is poor. I am sorry to say that, we shall be like this until the end with this corruptible mind. Let come back to work on our own belongings.

Agriculture should be on top of your wish list

Anyone who realizes this particular sector understands the Ghanaian culture. Whether we like it or not, Ghana will only prosper in the development of this sector. The government isn’t telling us the truth so we are not sure if it can be possible.

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More than sixty percent of our economy lies on the shoulders of this sector, almost all the people living in the rural areas are engaged in farming, most of our lands are made of green fields.

As a youth, a student, a fresh graduate, try to get in touch with this sector. What the agriculture world in Ghana lacks is the little application of science and technology, and that isn’t so huge for us to capitalize on.

One thing we must all notice is that, when you want to become a successful person within your country, make sure you develop something that will develop and improve the progress of your country else you forget or you try your luck in another country.

Total focus

We lack an absolute focus, that is why a nurse would be watching telenovela whiles there is a patient in the busy area of the hospital, two or three people would gather to chat about irrelevant issues in the banking hall, meanwhile, customers are waiting for their services.

Poor attitude towards work, laziness, truancy, and indiscipline are what we normally apply in our daily tasks. We have turned entertainment platforms to working platforms and vice versa.

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Total focus means putting the whole mind into a subject matter where it only thinks about the work you are doing or even the plans for the next task. Its time we put other matters aside, then focus on what we mandated ourselves to do.

You can have all the above ethics, but you will end up with ill-heated results if you didn’t focus and that will taint your success.

Work on the social media or make it a resting platform

WhatsApp and Facebook only have employed almost half of the youth in Ghana, from primary level to the tertiary level. This good-and-bad platforms have not only caused failures in Ghanaian’s life but have also set hazardous tools to the soul of good Ghanaians.

This issue is very serious and we all know that.

The truth is the hours spent on social media doing nothing important like reading jokes, checking and posting unnecessary pictures of ourselves and friends, reading trashy messages, watching videos of no benefits.

I think you are aware that you can never be successful in anything that you do by being a social media spectator.

More to come on this.

Don’t disregard the culture

Ghana has a rich culture, we have all the good content in our culture. If you really want to be a successful folk, never underestimate the culture.

The cultures of the various tribes are the road signs of the way to your success. You can have an accident by disrespecting them.

See the politicians as your leaders, not your aids

It is very interesting seeing a fresh graduate waiting for a particular political party to come into power before he will wake up from sleep. That is a crazy decision of yours. They are just our leaders, we vote for them to serve them, but not for them to serve us.

We vote for them to come and enjoy the good things in the country, to come and get free accommodation, free water, free food, free facilities, to come and travel to all part of the country for free, to come and acquire good business opportunities, to come and push their children and family into higher position, to come and give their children quality education and above all to come and lie to us.

They play with our minds and on our intelligence just to make merry to themselves. Your success never lies in the bosom of any politician, neither do they know you, so find a way for yourself.

Plan more out of education

‘Education’ is never the key to success, yes! Education will just compliment you when you set the road to success. Few scholars have become successful in their marriage, business and life. They are educated yet success is not bound to them.

To become a successful person, you need a masterplan of success, a serious and well-organized life plan, a strong mindset and very steady mentality.

Acquiring to be a success from your education is just making yourself to be a mere survival on earth because all jobs acquired from certificate deals with monthly salaries and anyone who depends on monthly salary is just a survival citizen.

Bring out that potential in you, build upon it, strife hard to reach the top there you are. Education will just see out your reputation.

Be dynamic

And this goes with creativity when you think the current task will not fetch you any good results, do a positive diversion, switch to a different domain and start from there.

One will be successful in selling cars, you may not, so why don’t you switch to car engines and see the results. Your colleague will hit the bird with just one stone, you might be hitting with three, why don’t you try the second and third stone. Be a broad viewer, not a narrow viewer.


Bill gate read 50 books in a year. How many pages have you read in the last 5 years? Ghanaians don’t read and so we lack information. Most directions in our life are found in books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, we don’t acquire them because we don’t care to read.

We build and train the mind by reading, we acquire wisdom from books. We fail not just because we have nothing to show up but is because we are not reading.

A reader doesn’t lack ideas, at least not the one he might be using to execute a particular task.

Success is built on ideas, ideas are the mainstream of mindset and the more you read the more your ideas grow and the more they grow, the more you become dynamic, the more you become dynamic, the more you stay focus and the more you focus the more you plan, the more you plan the more you execute, the more you execute, the nearer your success.

Work on your attitude

Your attitude shows the kind of vehicle you are using on the way to success. It may be a bicycle or a tricycle, car or ship, helicopter or jet or it can be your foot. Basically, your attitude denotes and portrays how you are moving in life.

In Ghana, it counts a lot. Most of your failures reflect your general behavior towards everything and everybody. Work on it!

Believe in yourself

If you know you can’t make it in your life, call me to compensate you for reading all these.

You can do it so go and get it.


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