Emotions are very sensitive to human life, it is very enjoyable when at it positive state and very devastating when is in the negative state.

Maybe you didn’t know what emotion does; it is the thing that makes you feel happy and sad, it makes you active and reactive, it responds to both joy and pain, it contracts your nerves and at the same time relaxes it.

It is what makes you cry and laugh when you are thinking, it makes you rejoice in you or gets you worried. You have been hearing mood, it is these emotions that regulates your mood.

There is no difference between being moody and being emotional, people use moody to stand for the bad emotional state.

However, one may ask; how do we control our emotions? This is a very broad discipline which when expatiated, brings thoughts to so many entities, that if care is not taken, psychology will seem boring to the first approached person.

In simple terms, emotions work on the basic principle of processing, it solely depends on how one takes him/her self to be, thus ego to be precise.

People with weak ego are those with emotional problems, they always take things personally, it’s either they will be lamenting on it or will fuse it with anxiety.

Emotional torturing has residuals like anxiety, depression, inferiority complex and heart-strokes (your heartbeat on any sensitive thing you hear or see).

Such people are exposed to high blood pressure and heart problems. It’s more on what you think and how you see yourself, the questions; who am I and how am I, are very important for anyone to be asking him/herself but not why or when will it be me.

Emotional problems have varieties of sources, it’s uncountable, but below are some habits you should try to stop so you won’t be too exposed to it wraths.

1. Stop being reactive

Just save your pulses and nerves, be active, don’t be reactive. Annoying and provocative things surround us a lot, don’t force yourself trying to prove all those things to be annoying or unjustifiable, you will always be on top of your nerves, being too emotional.

It’s like something is paining you, you have been thinking about it and no understanding is coming.

The pressure becomes too high and you will always be in danger of emotional diversions.

Try to be skipping issues around you, from home, family, friends, colleagues and the society as a whole, things are meant to happen, don’t reproach yourself in all of them to be too reactive. Just relax.

2. Don’t concentrate on caring

You care too much, and always wants to care, you always want to please people, always thinking about the positive side of people.

My brother, my sister if you do this you will always feel disappointed, those that you think you care most are those who will be hurting you the most.

They don’t care what you care, nobody will reject your caring heart, and nobody cares about your caring heart.

When you meet someone, do the best you can for the person, just offer the person what he/she deserves, nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t be too attentive, stop going beyond, it isn’t necessary for you to let the person know who you are and the best you can do, he will take that merit and treat you the way he/she wants, you will be so disappointed and you will hurt your feelings.

You think about all what you’ve done for the person and that could hurt your emotions the more.

3. Limit your expectations

You have given everything away to someone and you expect the person to be treating you the same.

Maybe you applied for a loan in a bank for someone to extend his business, the person didn’t pay the money and later slept with your wife. Please if you didn’t take care you will kill yourself.

The issue is, don’t go too far pleasing people, do what you can, be making sure that, what you are losing will not harbor you hazards if when you didn’t get them back, after that forget, and never expect anything huge in return.

Just limit what you are expecting your boyfriend/girlfriend to do, take it easy, let the person’s natural attitude flow, he/she knows better, it takes one to think before doing something when you are not seeing anything, it means the person is not thinking about you.

Just limit your expectations.

4. The thinking is too much

My dear, it’s ok, the more you think about it, the more you cry over it, it will be hurting you the more, you will be weak in your bones and body, things will mess up in your mind, there will be no concentration, no focus, memory becomes dense and hot at this stage.

You will be getting tired and bored, things will not go well for you, your personality will be tampered, and you will be a slave to yourself.

Save yourself from all these.

5. Don’t be inferior

Inferiority complex, always looking at what people are doing, in school or workplaces, how people are living their lives; the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the gadgets they use, the luxuries they possess, the people they are related to, you will bring all these things into comparison of yours, then you will be looking down to yourself.

No joy when in the midst of them, always praising people, no confidence, no courage, no motivation, no inspiration, always thinking grief, as if God gave you nothing to rejoice about.

My brother/sister, is never like that, the material things you are seeing are the last things which makes up personality, be yourself, what can you do, what can you offer, what is all about you.

Can you be an influence to the society one day?

If yes, then stop looking down on yourself, it is hurting you and killing your ego gradually.

6. The comparison is too much

This goes with complaining, always trying to imitate what people are doing.

You have never done anything for someone to imitate before, but you are always busy on the imitation track.

It makes you think you are nobody, it makes you think you can’t do anything, it makes you think you have no purpose in life.

If you are not proud, you can’t be fully happy.

7. Stop being a victim of relationship woes

How many times have you been hurt in a relationship and how many times have you hurt somebody? You are the only person who has had your heart broken in all break up you have had.

My brother/sister, you are just packaging a nice heart failure for yourself in future, please be careful, when you die, you die alone.

You are always hurting yourself, he/she has been lying to you. He/she has been disappointing you, he/she has been cheating on you, always suffering, putting your heart in a bay.

8. Just help yourself

Don’t encounter yourself with similar problems

Stop watching movies that have been characterized with a certain horrible-forgotten situation you went through, prevent yourself from the music of such, stories from your friend similar to your problems should be prevented (if it will help solve the problem, fine).

Don’t just recapitulate your horrors, it taints the emotions.

9. The talking is too much

You are explaining the situation in abundant, please stop. You are hurting yourself the more. All that people will do for you is to add salt to your wound, some will be hammering on the most hurting part.

Others will be giving you heart-beating words, in the night, they will be enjoying with their husbands and wives, their girlfriends and boyfriends, then you will be wetting your pillow with tears and will be having severe headaches and traumas, your griefs together with theirs will give you unlimited pains.

10. Stop preventing your mind from thinking about it

The more you do that, the more it thinks about it, the more your heart beats, the more painful the headache, the more worsening your situation will be.

Let try and be strong.

11. Stop investigating

You heard that your husband was with another woman, you just wanted to find out whether it’s true.

The moment you picked the phone to start the calls, there start your nerves and pulses, your heart will be beating fast, your hand will be shivering, mind closes, the brain shuts down, concentration goes off and body freezes.

Anything you hear on the phone will torture you severely, things get worse when he didn’t pick the call or when is off.

It is very serious, but we can try preventing such things. Be strong, and gather momentum when you go home, it might be his sister who just arrived from a journey.

The more you investigate things which hurt, the more you get into pain. Your emotions will be exposed to the information you are gathering, and your heart will be beating like never before.

Before you will be okay, you might have destroyed valuable things.

12. Silence sometimes hurts

You have seen clearly that, your husband is cheating on you, you are not asking him about it, and you keep on lamenting and pouring grievances to yourself.

You will be hurting yourself like never before, your heart will enlarge and you will be suffering.

Pour out the things in you and be free.

13. Stop watching movies in such manner

You will be so bombarded watching deceptive movies, tragedy, especially when a guy/girl is maltreating the partner, you will assimilate that and will be objected to it. It clicks your imaginations and there you go.

You will be a reactive personality in all situations of such. Putting your emotions in danger.


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