Your brain is you, and you are your brain. Life is not worth living when you have a little patch on your brain. Life is incomplete when your brain is not working effectively.

In one of my post, I elaborated the things you do which makes your brain not to work effectively, and now let see how we can develop our brain for high efficiency to our daily activities.

It is one of the most rejected parts of the body these days. The brain and the heart need more attention than any other organ, but it is these two organs that we have inattentive measures to it.

People today, especially the youth are falling victims to most disorders of the brain. An 18-year-old guy can memorise a page of an information neither can he come out with just 5 lines of a story from the same memory.

People mistaken the work of the brain with intelligence. We are equally intelligent but in a different aspect of disciplines. You can’t rank various levels of intelligence because they work accordingly prior to their talent.

It is just the matter of using yours effectively in your own way and style.

Someone is good in mathematics, others are in good in languages, one can prove a formula, the other can memorize a whole country’s history. That is the diversity of how the brain works.

We forget things so easily nowadays because we don’t train and treat our brains to it maximum strength, as you have been feeding your stomach every day is the same way that you have to fill the brain with appropriate mechanisms.

Below are some of the things you be trying from today and see how your brain will be functioning.

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1. Drink more water

More than millions of nerves constitute the brain, it is the organ that needs water most.

If you get dehydrated, your brain suffers a lot, it loses its strength, you work in very few hours and you are tired, you can’t concentrate effectively, you feel dull and bored, this calls for anxiety and red eyes.

Drink more water to keep the brain on track, the only condition by which all the nerves will be activated is when more water is available.

Make sure, the color of your urine is white always, the brain also will stay in harmony.

2. Read a lot

Most of us don’t like reading and so we lack so many vital information. One of the best exercises you can undertake for the brain to work effectively is to read always.

Reading keeps brain nerves alive, nerves are produced and get destroyed within very short time, each nerve needs an information to stay alive for the rest of the years you spend, if more nerves stay alive, the brain is going to expand, you will be very intelligent and everybody will love your output and contribution.

Don’t forget if you have wide and grown nerves in the brain, you will be able to store things faster, your thinking and reasoning ability will stay superb, you will be more knowledgeable, arguably, nothing will skip to your imagination.

Such people do not lack ideas, they are always thinking about new things, and they stay brilliant and gentle always.

We obtain all these by reading. What is your field of study? Don’t just rely on school things, simply organize yourself and start training your brain by exploring what people have written down.

3. Always be on the learning track

If you stop learning, your brain will stop growing, learning shouldn’t be done in obtaining certificate always. It should be just part of your life, that is what we do to brighten our sight in daily up and down activities.

It’s not only about books, phones, tablets and laptops we are having are all learning tools, even more, helpful than the books.

Don’t just be using your internet data to be doing downloading and uploading, social media and selfie-taking.

You have to keep the brain growing by always learning. Stop learning for full 6 months and test your IQ and see.

4. Figure out things you don’t understand

Be asking yourself questions. Think about humanity and life as a whole, what are the things bothering your mind? Try to explore some of these things, it helps a lot, it gives you more insight on how the world is changing and moving.

It brings you to so many realizations. Sometimes you can’t explain it using your mind, ask people around you, explore their minds, learn from them as in how they see the world as a whole, you will be getting more ideas, you will have more things to think about, and you will understand so many things, making you develop interest in human life.

Another way of keeping the brain in harmony is understanding humanity, why things are done differently according to individual will.

5. Be curious

Be more inquisitive, don’t just hear or see something and say, that is how it should be. Find out what and how the thing happened.

If you are curious, you will be able to explore unknown things, it will give you more room for research, you will find a wide range of platforms to gather more knowledge, the brain will also expand its capacity to contain all that you will be searching for.

6. Protect your eyes

More than sixty percent of the information that gets into your brain are from the eyes, the things we watch and view are the very things which conjure and store things in the brain.

I will suggest all your movies should be educative when you are not tired. You can entertain yourself when you are tired from a very long day work.

Documentaries are very good for the brain, it helps to store more facts with pictures.

Build your brain by building good relationship with the eyes, that is why is not advisable to watch adult movies, it just destroy the whole carnality.

The light of the brain is the eyes, when it sees dark things, the brain is always dark, when it sees brighter things, the brain is always bright.

7. Scriptures should be your food

The brain is the mediator between the soul and the body. It works for the soul but it takes it energy from the body, the more you read scriptures, the more your brain stays healthy and pure.

What you read and watch is very vital to the action of the brain, it is these two activities which optimizes the brain in performing all tasks.

Scriptures are the only documents which clear and filter the bad things which comes into the brain.

You can read all books to build the brain, but all will be worthy if the brain is in good health and strong, the scriptures does that.

Keep your brain in good state and strong by reading the scriptures always.

8. Stop eating smelly foods

The gas substances in the food is what the brain absorbs to keep in touch with the body, smelly foods are unpleasant to the nerves, it kills them early and deoxygenates the brain.

Smelly foods contain more carbon compounds especially carbon mono oxides, sulphur mono oxides and nitrogenous gases which are not suitable for the haemoglobins in the nerve cells.

It deactivates them and hinders their actions.

More smelly foods slow down the memory, there will be difficulty in storing and remembering.

Engage in more fruits and vegetables, replace honey with your sugar intake to keep your brain alive.

9. Engage in decent arguments

Argument is very essential to the brain when it is done in its required form. It’s not about shouting and making noise, it isn’t about challenging with each other’s views and points, it is not a tread of disagreement.

It is rather the brainstorming of ideas, proving and disproving of facts and figures, exchanging viewpoints on certain issues and other the end of the day, each one will be able to filter the bad ideas from the good ones.

The more you do this, the more your brain expands to stay active and alert.

10. Have an appropriate rest

Don’t be engaging in the habit of energy drinks, secretion of more adrenaline is not the answer. You will develop blood pressure in that, small headaches and colds will be keeping your brain aback in all things.

If you are tired, it means your brain is tired, just have an appropriate rest and have the natural service from the brain.

11. Do more exercise

The brain needs active and blood that flows freely within the body, doing more exercise clears worries and anxiety, reduces depression, and burns more fats to prevent blood clotting.

The brain is blood and so when the blood is active, the brain too is active.

Burn calories to keep the brain going.


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