I am yet to know a country who have gone beyond success without business. Africans have gotten so many things wrong including the basic principles governing entrepreneurship.

Many Africans on the same hand have been misled in the world of societal development, they see it be an isolated object.

However, in most of the developed countries, business engagement is mostly for the ordinary citizens and laymen who always try to make living for themselves.

Here in Africa, citizens always want to depend, either on family or the government.

Even in the education we strike hard to advance, a student wants to depend solely on parent and guardians to complete, yet it must be known that eighty percent of the student studying in abroad are self-sponsored.

Many have been talked about yet few have been understood.

The question is, who are those to create jobs for more than the many undergraduates who complete school every year?

It’s time we set ourselves to be business-minded people. Now below are the reasons why we are failing to do that.

Education has been taken in the wrong way

For those who have been following my post, you will now notify a trend, and that is education saga. Again, Africans have taken education in the wrong way.

We think the more you educate yourself, the more you stand the chances of getting rich, this is not true and has not and will never happen.

You don’t need to be a graduate before you start thinking about how to make money, is not a classroom subject neither is it a topic or sub-topic, it is in the mind and you must develop it yourself.

Education is relevant, but you don’t need that before you can think of business.

The whole living and development is not about acquiring a certificate, is about solving humanity problems using our naturally built intellect and wisdom.

Education will just beautify it.

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Most Africans just don’t want to work, we’re always complaining bitterly to ourselves, playing blame games here and there.

It’s one of the reasons why we don’t want to venture business because it demands a lot of commitment.

Not ready to take a risk

There is no business without a risk, this fact scares Africans a lot, they fear to run in depth, they fear for the business to collapse, they will be thinking the negativity side of the project, they always say; what of if it didn’t work.

There is no business-minded person, who fears to take a risk.

We are all about negativity.

They want it in a soft way

It is an abomination of desolation to tell a graduate to hawk, or even do something for people to see her selling. They want it in the office way, in the writing and paper way.

Business minded people don’t give a damn to all these things. Is not about doing something that may taint your dignity, is about doing something to add value to yourself in the future.

Wages are better than profit

It’s as simple as that, most Africans don’t want to sell, they want to be employed. Over ninety percent of university graduates rely on application letters and CVs before they can start something with their basic living.

It a cancerous act which is rotten our development gradually.

Not ready to solve problems in the society

The first step in coming out with a business plan is thinking about what the community or the society needs, now what does your community, what are some of the things which your community finds difficult in doing or accessing?

What do you think, when brought into the system, people will patronize?

We don’t think about all these things, we are not ready to solve our own problems, we are not ready to make living easier for us that is the exact thing the whites are doing, and they will forever progress.

Salary dependent is okay

Africans are ok to forever depend on salary, it is even the reason that some young students choose to offer certain courses in the university.

One thinks all is done when he gets a job which he will receive GHC1000 every month.

Brother, all is not well, try to establish some business. The least you can do is to put up a small provision store.

The government does and owns everything

Every African knows this and that is very serious. That is why we always wait to capitalize on jobs created by the government.

The truth is the government, whatsoever political party that will form it cannot meet all the needs of us the citizens.

They are not and can never own everything, if they can, they will never tempt your potentials and your effort to influence the society.

No creativity

Most Africans don’t create, always relying on finished products and goods. People with different artifacts are all over the country, how are they to create attention to their skills and technicalities?

How are we adding value to our locally made products?

Business moves with creativity.

Always expecting the unexpected

Especially those who have been going for “pray for me” they will go there to respond luxuries and promises which they know can never happen to their lives.

You are a pupil teacher, instead of thinking about how to save money in a bit to do something in future, you will be in the synagogue, responding “Amen” to car promises.

How can you think about small-scale business, when you are waiting for a financial breakthrough?

Putting their fate on the cities

In Africa, everybody is going to the main cities for business. Nobody will dispute the fact that, business doesn’t flourish in these areas, but the question is, are they the only cities in, where business can be established?

Let extend our views and motives for our own development.


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