Much has been talked about Africa, the issues sometimes take on to be emotional and personal, but I think with passion, we will be able to conjure all that will be necessary to carry on our mission in calling upon the attention of all noble Black and White people who bear the Flags of Africa.

It’s a land with so many minerals and resources, we have all what it takes to be independent in terms of nation-building and social development, but we seem to forget the basic principles that enhance the progress of society.

We sometimes seem not to care about our own welfare; ourselves, our children and the next generation. The kind of lives we are portraying all shows how non-serious people behave.

Our working attitude together with the mentality behind are poor, we do things anyhow and at the end, we will cry for aid using our valuable resources.

There is no quality the Whites are having which we don’t have, we have better and rich resources than them. They always mock us to be sitting on money but still poor.

Hunger and humiliation here and there, poverty in all areas of our society, we have been all the time-dependent. The caliber of people in Africa are more capable to industrialize our system of productions, but we make the situation to be in such a way that, is only the Whites who can always do everything.

We have admitted defeats in all areas of our development, we have showcased our mentality to be having no good ideas, we have embraced all kinds of instructions and we see our own things not to be good.

Someone will make a very nice shoe in Africa and will write, “made in India” and that has been our lifestyle since we came into existence.

We are always striving for development, we are striving for industrialization, our people need jobs, social amenities, and good education. The question is; can’t we even provide ourselves with all these using our natural resources and minerals?

You ask this question and someone will be picturing his leaders within his head. Politicians today, politicians tomorrow, every morning, they are our breakfast, in the evening, we dine with their shadows.

It’s only in Africa that when someone is sick, he/she would be blaming politician to be the cause. We dirty our environment and destroy our water bodies, and when there is a flood and no water to drink, we cry over the president.

The below are the summary of ten things we must all realize to call on development, starting from our domestic endeavors.

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Our culture and tradition

This is very important, the first step any nation should take in bringing out her capabilities to restore and reform her image is to know who she is and what she was made of.

This has been our number one problem, we seem not to be interested in our culture and tradition, we have branded it to be outmoded, uncivilized and archaic.

We have given those things to the so-called villagers and we have turned the cities and towns to be Western World and American World.

We don’t pay homage to our culture, we don’t hype our tradition, we seem not to care about it. Why? It is this same culture and traditions which tells us about where we came from, how we came to exist and why we are here.

The culture gives us the details about our DNA, thus showing us the way we should dress, the language we should speak, the food we should eat, the music we should sing and its suitable dance, how we should marry and how we should live life as a whole.

Traditions make us discipline and enforces our moral character, it helps us to keep our dignities and the way we should be.

We have thrown all these things away, here we are now, not knowing where we are coming from, who we are and where we are going. We have lost and cannot be found.

Africa is stuck because it has forgotten such people it was, and now she is looking at somebody to live life.

We must realize that we are having culture and traditions and so as such, we have forgotten the kind of people we are.

Social patriotism

Africans are not patriotic, any project initiated by the government is not his so he will not pay attention to it. The issue of killing socialism has affected us though, but here calls for small reasoning and thinking, that, at least, we will all render an account one day, on the things we are doing.

Let be patriotic, the government has a very different share in our dispensation. It doesn’t care about what and how you will be treating it properly, so does it mean you also have to be careless? No!

Laziness and procrastination

This is the hallmark of Africans. Because of laziness, most our development has regressed, we have had so many uncompleted tasks.

For procrastination, I think you will do it now by skipping to another site, telling yourself to be reading it later, and you will forget, that is what has been happening to us.

Tomorrow is our day of execution, today and now has never worked for us.

We must realize this, else we will never progress.


This is another hallmark, we have never strived for excellence. Africans don’t look upon the future generation. When we are doing something, we will just do it now and when it spoilt tomorrow, that will be all.

We lack perseverance, we always think tasks that have been assigned to us are not our properties, anyway, we do it is what we look upon.

We just don’t care, we don’t go for the best, always doing low and middle-class things.

It a call for realization.


We have been betraying ourselves everywhere we go. We always look at the failure of own people. When one is progressing, then that will be a very nice job for us to put the person in shame. Always criticizing, blaming and blasting our own people.

One will never help the other with ideas when one initiates something. Everybody wants to be on top of his brother, so we have been pulling our neighbors down to the field whenever we see them progressing.

When will we stop backbiting our own people?

Dependency on our political leaders

This has become unbearable, and it’s too much. Everything should be done by the government, always talking about them, doing demonstration and vigils. We have become so cheap to our politicians and they can’t stop using and lying to us.

Let’s wake up.

Patronizing our own goods

We always buy things which have European trademark. Made in Africa goods are seen poor and bad no matter how it has been done.

We do more imports than exports yet we are the powerhouse of pure and original natural resources, buying common things like toothpaste and brush, rice, oil, cloth and others outside and still, people will be complaining our people do not manufacture anything, when it comes too, the same people will not patronize.

How can we develop?

Projecting our values and dignity

One will be disqualified in an official gathering for wearing African cloth. How can we for the first place admit to ourselves for having dignity at all?

How do we project our values, do our media houses preach our culture? Do they show movies rooted in African culture? Do they hold talk shows portraying our norms and ethics?

Always propagating the outside world’s values, showing their values and culture, patronizing to their lifestyles, and inculcating their tradition to the youth and the incoming generations.

How can we progress?

Thinking negative instead of positive

In Africa, when you come out with an idea, all that you hear is, “this is impossible” in schools, colleges, everywhere. Nobody seem to be supporting his friend’s ideas.

We just have a bad mentality, we don’t encourage, we don’t promote our own qualities.

Nobody seems to be caring what and how we will be because if you come out with something, people are going to discourage you.

Are we going to be like this forever?

Being discipline

We are just indiscipline, littering here and there, heaping rubbish here and there. No sense of discipline. We are falling sick on dirt yet we are still making ourselves dirty. We’re always in pain for our own doings.

Our entire lifestyle must be changed.

Africa can be better.


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