On this subject, Africans have a very long way to go, there is no doubt about the stampeded type of education we are having now.

We are improving on something and because it doesn’t necessarily mean one should always improve on something positive, Africans have chosen to improve on something negative.

The truth is that the education system of the country is poor, is very corrupted and very boring.

In Africa, most of the regressions, traumas, psychological problems, depressions, emotional tortures, retrogressions and life destruction are as a result of the kind of education we have taken hold to.

The bitter part of the issue is, the type of education which helps in nation building and development are being looked down and stigmatized.

Parent minds have been bombarded with fake ideas of education, and the children also have fulfilled the corrupted trend by not coming out with the real motive behind when they become intellectuals.

They overlook certain things at the early stage and later come to pay the expensive price for it. We have brilliant students on the continent, and all that they can do is to learn and write exams to get “A” and that is all.

The technical institutions which help students in coming out with projects and planning works are looked down and discriminated, such institutions are fed with their so-called weak students, they too will go and will see themselves not to be good students, then they will end up doing things anyhow.

The good students, on the other hand, will also just think that, when they learn and write exams to be successful, that is the end.

This is what Africans call education.

The whole system has been programmed for some people, and for them to tell us the truth is also another matter.

You might think you are in the university, and so you are almost done in life, please, graduates dominate the number of useless people in the society, maybe you are hoping to get a particular degree, before you initiate some of your life proceedings, bear in mind that, most successful people didn’t do it with education.

Why are people still suffering whiles holding all kinds of degrees in African countries, why are graduates still struggling in getting a chop money job on the continent?

Does it necessarily mean that you should be done with school before you can start something? What at all are we not clear about our education? Where did we go wrong?

Let’s find out.

It is not for financial freedom

In general, education all over the world is not obtained for financial freedom. We see useless and poor graduates and professors in our society every day.

You know a very learned guy who is still struggling for food.

The truth is, we don’t educate ourselves just because we want to be somebody in future. Brightened future awaits for those with vision and ambition, not those with degrees and certificates.

We have to get this clear, we don’t obtain wealth by having too much education. It just the matter between you and the world.

The exams are just for record’s sake

If you write a paper with a certain strategy and you get “A”, ask yourself, what actually do I know about this subject? Can I deduce any benefit from it? How am I going to apply this to solving some societal problems?

Can I implement it in times of need? If you can’t give proper answers to these questions then forget, you are just helping the school to build records, you are not helping yourself in any way.

The school will give you distinction, but in your mind lies empty barrel of that particular course.

So what is the essence of it?

Ninety-nine percent of African students learn for exam’s sake. They are happy to get a pass from the school than to know the concept of the subject.

This is just a joke.

The certificate does not go beyond “A4” sheet

This is straightforward, continue paying for “As”, continue bribing lecturers, continue sleeping with them for good grades, just continue with the examination malpractice, whatever you do, your certificate will never go beyond “A4” sheet.

It is your hard work, good attitude, vigilant, commitment and perseverance which will pay for your success in the future.

Certificate will send you, attitude can return you.

We learn for personal development, not for a job

The most student today go for particular courses just because they have heard it pays well. These students might not have any idea about how and what the course is all about.

He is striving to offer medicine because doctors are paid ‘huge’ amount of money every month, this person will be killing people in consultation rooms and theatres.

The whole motive behind the way we make choice in education is poor and childish. How can a fresh J.H.S graduate choose a particular school just because their outfit is beautiful? Is this reasonable?

Most of the courses have been cut off by certain points because people wants it much, and this is the reason that, the careers oriented to those programs pays well.

A large percentage of African students have this in mind, and it goes on and on.

It is obtained not only in school or college

It is because of certificates, that is why most schools are filled with beautiful ladies and gentlemen.

If you are a serious student, I see the house or your personal stage of studies to be more convenient than what we call the classrooms.

Materials are available at all corners, resources are all around us. On the internet, vital info is now free to access.

The issue is, just forget about the certificate, in Africa, you don’t need concept and in-depth knowledge to get a certificate, you just need dabbing ability and pleasing lectures in a different way.

However, your personal ability should the most important aspect.

Sit down, we have as many as millions of PDF files you can download, uncounted number of videos. Things are now easy, online courses are all over the internet.

You can be in the house and will be more productive than the one in the university.

It is not only about book and pen

Educate yourself in all aspect, especially in a relationship. Check your manners, your life ethics, your general output and personality, how you are going to treat fellow human beings, and the way you should respect all classes of people.

School is just a life modelling, we don’t use it to live life.

Make sure, you will educate your human relation also.

It has no end

That is simple, there is no limit when it comes to education. Every day is a day for you to educate yourself. You must forever be a student.

You just have to learn always, irrespective of what you’ve learned, you still know nothing, there is nobody on this earth who knows everything.

Try to engage yourself in anything which you think can contribute to the progress of your life.

The government want it by its way

This is not only for African governments, all over the world, governments want citizens to learn on what she thinks will help in her initiatives.

This issue looks somehow narrow, but to those who have gotten a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, they know is very broad.

The thing is, be on yourself, be rigid in whatever you want to know, don’t just limit yourself only to what is thought in the school.

So far as you can read and write, just extend your boundaries, build your own knowledge empire, claim your own style of acquiring knowledge, then start from there.

You can understand the life better in doing this.

Education goes beyond what we think.

It is not expensive

Education is never expensive, don’t just be lamenting what you are giving out to obtain knowledge. In schools, you will think you are paying money to obtain the certificates.

People, including your parents always forget the time, resources, energy lost in doing all that.

It becomes only expensive if the wrong motive behind isn’t fulfilled. Just like you went to school to get the certificate for the job, you are done and there is no job, it will become expensive for you.

Let have good perception about education.

We don’t celebrate

I don’t understand why people rejoice after completing school. Are you happy for the certificate you are about to obtain or you are happy because you have stopped learning?

Do we celebrate something we must do in our whole lifetime?

Education is part of human life.

Food is for the stomach, music is for the ears, beautiful things are for the eyes, oxygen is for the lungs, and learning is for the brain.

As long as you breathe in and out to keep the lungs working, you must learn to keep the brain working.


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